Welcome to the Olson-Manning Lab at Augustana University!

Augustana University   Biology Department

Our newest focus: What happens when species hybridize?


The Olson-Manning lab was awarded an Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research Program (EAGER) to study, “Hybridization and metabolic dysfunction in milkweeds”

New article on the evolution of the corticosteroid pathway published! Elaboration of the corticosteroid synthesis pathway in primates through a multi-step enzyme

We are launching the Milkweed Flower Photo Project! Find out how to contribute at Milkweedflower.org or visit The Milkweed Flower Photo Project at iNaturalist

Our work from our collaboration with the Westerman lab at the University of Arkansas was published in Ethology!


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Fall 2016

The Olson-Manning lab opened at Augustana University!