Dr. Carrie Olson-Manning (CV updated 052319) Principle Investigator Assistant Professor Biology Department Augustana University colsonmanning [at] augie [dot] edu 605-274-4809   Undergraduate Researchers (Summer 2019) Grace Goble, Elizabeth Pompa, Liya Tilahun Undergraduate Researchers (Summer 2018) Noah Hanson, Avery Selberg, Sydney Kreutzman Undergraduate Researchers (Summer 2017) From left to right: Jessa Kack, Avery Selberg, Dr. Olson-Manning, … Continue reading People


Increasing diversity in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines is an important goal. I am committed to increasing the participation of women and minorities in the sciences through mentoring and education initiatives. I have taken mentoring and leadership roles in a variety of outreach and mentoring programs to provide opportunities to underprivileged middle school students … Continue reading Outreach


^ Indicates undergraduate mentee as co-author   Olson-Manning, Carrie F. 2019. “Elaboration of the Corticosteroid Synthesis Pathway in Primates through a Multi-Step Enzyme.” bioRxiv. Westerman, Erica L., Nicholas Antonson^, Sydney Kreutzmann^, Alexandra Peterson^, Skyy Pineda^, Marcus R. Kronforst, and Carrie F. Olson‐Manning. 2019. “Behaviour before Beauty: Signal Weighting during Mate Selection in the Butterfly Papilio … Continue reading Publications


As an educator, my goal is to help students understand what biologists think we know and how we reached those conclusions. To do this, I use a variety of methods informed by how humans learn. These methods include inquiry-based learning to help students think critically, engage in the material, and learn how to solve problems from … Continue reading Teaching


My work focuses broadly on understanding how biochemical pathways evolve. Metabolic pathways underlie various cellular processes, yet it is unknown how pathways are constructed and by what genetic, biochemical, and biophysical mechanisms pathways evolve. What happens to genomes and biochemical networks when species hybridize? We are interested in understanding what the genomic and metabolic consequences of … Continue reading Research


  Welcome to the Olson-Manning Lab at Augustana University! Augustana University   Biology Department Our newest focus: What happens when species hybridize? LAB NEWS June 2019 Welcome new lab members Beth Pompa, Liya Tilahun, and Grace Goble We are launching the Milkweed Flower Photo Project! Find out how to contribute at or visit The Milkweed Flower … Continue reading About